This is the complete User manual guide.

You don't need to have knowledge of Magento coding , just do completed the installation and active license key to start.

Of course, during the installation , if you have any issues, feel free contact us to get help. Get started by download the user manual guide below:

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Backend Settings

Please follow the pdf file attached with each purchase .

Submit a ticket

  • Please include your order/license number!

    We need to know when the extension was purchased and if you are a real customer.

  • Please be specific!

    We can't help you if we can't understand the problem. Be sure to give us all possible information about the issue.

  • Please include this information with a ticket to ensure really quick problem solution.

    In order to analyze the reasons of the issue and fix anything on your store we often need to access your store.

    FTP/SSH access

    FTP: domain or ip (or

    Login: name

    Password: correct password

    We do not keep your passwords.

    And admin access

    login: user name

    password: correct password

    Cpanel SSH / OR SSH ACCESS

    login: user name

    password: correct password

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